Coffee Roasters & Wholesale Coffee in Melbourne

At Nomadi Coffee House, we specialise in coffee roasting, wholesale coffee beans and bulk supply of ground coffee. Backed by our strong South American heritage, we have been blending and roasting coffee under the Nomadi name for over three years and continue to provide our top quality ground coffee and coffee beans to our trusted network of wholesale customers today. Our suppliers source only the highest quality coffee beans from across South America and Africa that we use in our famous house blends and single-origin products.


Using expert knowledge and the highest quality roasting machinery, we create a product our customers have come to know and love.  We have perfected our techniques and our blends over years of testing and training as is our passion for the finest tasting, best coffee. Our coffee blends and single-origin coffee products are offered to customers of all sizes from 250g & 1kg bags to wholesale coffee and supply orders.


Our signature NOMADI ESPRESSO LOS BOURBONES is known for its milk chocolate, medium body and a soothing citric acidity and long-lasting finish. Our DULCE ESPRESSO blend is known for its smooth, rich taste and is drinkable all year round. It has tastes of berry upfront with mild acidity and a long cocoa aftertaste and is another of our customer’s favourites.
We also deliver coffee beans, ground coffee and our signature house blend across Melbourne and the rest of Australia. Coffee bean delivery in Melbourne is available and we offer free shipping on orders over $75.




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